A model concept for a sustainable Munich 2018

The demand of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to applicants is clear: The games must prevent negative environmental impacts and leave behind a “positive green heritage” to the region.

The application organization, München 2018 GmbH, did not perceive this requirement as a bothersome obligation but rather as a central component of its application for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The organization developed an environmental and sustainability concept which covered all relevant action areas – from resource and energy consumption to catering and merchandising, all the way to education and regional development. An environmental screening process collected technical data about the environmental protection of all potential competition venues, analyzed the existing and planned traffic infrastructure and laid the foundation for “climate neutral” Winter Games. The concept would have ensured that the games save 34,000 tonnes of CO2 – mostly through a focus on energy efficient technology.

All involved bodies and institutions thus stressed the significance of environmental protection and sustainability as an integral part of the application and execution of the Winter Games. Although the 2018 Winter Games ended up not being awarded to Munich, its environmental and sustainability concept set the bar high and will serve as a benchmark for future applications.

© Photo: German Sport University Cologne

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