Sustainability certification awarded to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium

In 2018, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin became the world’s first stadium to be awarded the Green Globe Certification. The Green Globe Standard offers companies a professional and industry-specific framework for a comprehensive performance evaluation in the area of sustainability. The Standard is based on three pillars: sustainable management, social/economic, cultural heritage and environmental. The decisive criteria for the certification of the Olympic Stadium included environmental friendliness, social responsibility and economic viability. The award proves the commitment of Olymiastadion Berlin GmbH in the area of sustainability and sustainable strategy and needs to be renewed on an annual basis. A wide range of projects have contributed to the company’s sustainability strategy.

As an additional sustainability measure, two bee colonies were moved to the premises in the summer of 2019 and have since begun to produce their own honey. Thanks to a cistern, all grassy areas in the stadium are watered with rainwater and the cistern can be fed from a retrofitted fountain. Thanks to an innovative absorption refrigeration system, district heat is used for refrigeration and subsequently for cooling the server rooms. And the company will continue to work busily on the “climate-neutral stadium” project into the future: Projects such as a photovoltaics facility, heat-recovery systems in the ventilation systems as well as additional e-charging stations are in the planning.

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