Mangroves for climate protection – Windsurf World Cup Sylt

Since 2018, climate protection has played a central role at the Windsurf World Cup on the German island of Sylt. Starting then, every kilometer surfed during the slalom and hydrofoil races has helped to finance the planting of a mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks in Myanmar. The world’s biggest surfing event organizer has thus succeeded in planting over 10,000 mangroves in the past two years alone. Mangroves are among the most precious plants in the world, as each tree can bind up to one ton of carbon, thereby helping to counteract global warming. Event attendees and all Sylt fans can support this campaign by purchasing a 5-euro sponsorship in the form of a postcard. For each sponsorship, a mangrove is planted in the Blue Life area of the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks in Myanmar. Part of the donation goes to local coastal protection and other relevant associations. Since 2019, all event-related carbon emissions have been calculated by ClimatePartner, a leading climate protection solutions provider. These emissions are then compensated for through certified mangrove-based climate protection projects. In 2019 alone, 479 tons of carbon emissions were compensated for, equivalent to the carbon binding of 44,908 beech trees. In addition, single-use plastic items have been strictly banned from the windsurf event since 2019. From 2021 onward, plastic-coated paper materials will also be forbidden.

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