Frankfurt’s Green Marathon journey

Every year since 2005, the Frankfurt Marathon has collaborated with the Umweltforum Rhein-Main e.V. (environmental forum) to develop new projects on its journey towards the “Green Marathon.” In the context of the “Agenda 21,” six fields of action were defined for the creation of an environmental concept: catering, traffic, waste/disposal, merchandizing, energy/water and mobility.

For instance, the diesel generator sets used to generate hot water for the runners’ showers were removed. In the new installations that replaced them were made, the showers are fed directly from the hot water circuit of the Frankfurt Exhibition Center.

Frankfurt is offering a total of 140,000 liters of high-quality mineral water and other sports beverages across its various refreshment posts. Plastic bottles and water from hydrants have been banned. Wherever possible, organic quality food is provided. Participants are provided with organic bananas (5 tons) and organic apples from the region (1 ton). At the pasta party on the marathon Saturday, every portion of pasta served with sauce supplied by an Italian partner is produced with 430 grams fewer carbon emissions than a comparable product from a conventional manufacturer.

Also, the Frankfurt Cleaning Company (FFR) has revised the city’s waste disposal concept. Special attention was given to the types of waste and waste generation of runners, spectators and businesses as well as to quick waste disposal. At a waste separation facility, 100% of the waste material is now used and recycled.

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon has also opted for an environmentally friendly path in terms of mobility. An electrically powered, emission-free guidance vehicle leads the runners. Efficient vehicles are used for all organizational and other journeys. Runners can use their race numbers as free tickets for the complete RMV public transport network for an unlimited number of journeys. On the day of the race, drivers can park their car in a multi-story parking garage and use the shuttle service to and from the exhibition grounds free of charge.

A total of 200,000 euros have already been invested, with some 20,000 euros of additional investments accruing every year.

Foto ©: Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

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