Professional sustainability management at the 2011 Ski World Championships

Professional environmental management requires professional planning, clear responsibilities and sufficient financial means. All three prerequisites were met at the 2011 Ski World Championships in Garmisch. As part of the event organization, an environmental and traffic department was established within the organizational committee. The head of the department was given a budget of over one million euros for the operational implementation of its measures alone. The staff members developed perspectives, strategies and measures for an environmentally friendly ski event. As early as two years ahead of this large winter sports event, the organizational committee began working with the Foundation for Safety in Ski Sports (SIS) and the German Ski Association’s Advisory Council for the Environment and Sports Development.

It was the first time that during a winter sports event in Germany free travel by train and bus throughout Bavaria and Tyrol was made possible for all visitors to the different competitions, thanks to a collaboration with supra-regional and regional transport operators. The regional section of the State Association for Bird Protection closely followed the expansion of the sports facilities with a critical eye and constructively cooperated around all questions of compensation measures and species protection. For instance, the impact on rare and protected species was lessened by sponsors and the media only being allowed to use restricted helicopter flight paths and laser shows at side events in the evening being completely forbidden.

© Photo: German Ski Association (DSV), 2011

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