Health and safety

The health and safety of the athletes, visitors and staff are absolutely crucial for an event to be successful. Large sports events harbour the danger of accidents, conflicts erupting in large crowds and alcohol abuse. A full range of precautionary and safety measures is therefore indispensable. Such measures can incur significant costs, however, depending on the size of the event.



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Measures Relevance Responsible Check
Use maps to plan and define the use and design of space (regarding facilities and paths) Important Organizer
Take into account safety-related aspects around facilities and power supply Important Organizer
Draw up a safety concept for construction-related, technical and organizational measures. Important Organizer
Technical expert
Technical expert
Check for legal regulations regarding the participation of children and youth in the event Law Organizer
Comply with legal regulations around events and safety (e.g. the German Civil Code (BGB) regarding liability, the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) for electrotechnical standards, the German Labour Protection Act (EnWG) for basic regulations, etc.) Law Organizer
Describe and evaluate the risk factors of the event. Important Organizer
Develop and describe a cancellation and evacuation concept including relevant measures. Important Organizer
Ensure that all involved persons have fully understood the safety concept. Important Organizer
any relevant stakeholder
Establish a dialogue with the police, fire brigade, medical and emergency rescue service, security service and municipal office of public order. Important Organizer
Guarantee event insurance. Important Organizer
Make sure paths and access roads are free of barriers. Important Organizer
Plan traffic control (local public transport, public road space, emergency access roads, and carparks including P+R) Important Organizer
Plan, implement and set up road closure measures, security gates, emergency escape routes, signage and visitor guidance systems Important
Plan, observe and evaluate visitor flow Important Organizer
Put together a list of relevant phone numbers and emergency numbers and develop an organization chart Important Organizer
Record all safety-related meetings and decisions Important Organizer
Take into consideration changing framework conditions for the safety concept Important Organizer
Sector agency
Allocate responsibilities and assign contact persons for safety-related topics Important Organizer
  • Law Law
  • Very important Very important
  • Important Important
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