Economic sustainability

An event must be profitable for its organizers. Therefore a sound calculation of operating and follow-up costs, as well as sensible subsequent use, are decisive criteria and are particularly important with regard to the selection of a location and the building of sports facilities. Planning must also include compliance with international environmental and social standards.



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Measures Relevance Responsible Check
Calculate or estimate the costs for building, modernizing or renovating sports facilities. Important Organizer
Sports facility operator
Technical expert
Meet the expectations of the visitors and participants to create a long-term commitment to the event. Important Organizer
Calculate investment and infrastructure costs. Important Organizer
Ensure the long-term use of sports facilities as training and competition locations. Very important Organizer
Sports association
Sports facility operator
Aim for long-term collaboration with sponsors and other supporters by satisfying their wishes and thereby enabling long-term planning as well. Important Organizer
Calculate operating and follow-up costs. Important Organizer
any relevant stakeholder
Calculate operating and follow-up costs. Very important Organizer
Sports facility operator
Make repeating the event an insistent goal. Important Organizer
Provide evidence of increased regional value creation or “return on communication” particularly for place marketing events and public participation. Important Organizer
Provide evidence of economic viability through performance indicators such as return on assets, return on investment (ROI) and stakeholder value. Important Organizer
Plan the event as a contribution to sustainable local development. Important Organizer
  • Law Law
  • Very important Very important
  • Important Important
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