Participation and dialogue

The open communication of goals, motivations and measures, as well the attempt to include all involved parties from the very start, creates a solid foundation for successful cooperation before, during and after an event. Forming collaborations with local groups and citizens’ action committees can facilitate a wise and authentic implementation of environmental measures.



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Measures Relevance Responsible Check
Genuinely seek the involvement of local associations and environmental protection groups. Important Organizer
Carry out visitor and resident surveys on sustainability issues during and after the event. Important Organizer
Develop educational campaigns around sustainability for schools and associations. Important Organizer
Sports association
Find long-term sponsors for sustainability measures. Important Organizer
Guarantee commitment and transparency around the adopted measures with regard to relevant structures. Important Organizer
Integrate traditional local and regional aspects into the event, programme and sustainability management. Important Organizer
Keep all participants fully informed about sustainability related efforts and their effects on the event. Very important Organizer
Keep the media informed about sustainability efforts before, during and after the event. Important Organizer
Sports facility operator
Sports association
Motivate and raise the awareness of your own staff. Important Organizer
Provide information about sustainability efforts during the event (website, information boards, and stadium announcements). Important Organizer
Win over authentic athletes as sustainability ambassadors. Important Organizer
Sports association
Describe sustainability measures and action areas on the event website. Important Organizer
Include all stakeholders in defining the necessary dialogue formats. Important Organizer
Record all internal and external stakeholders (interest groups). Important Organizer
  • Law Law
  • Very important Very important
  • Important Important
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