Each year thousands of sports events are held in Germany and the athletes competing in them thrill their watching fans. But no matter how exciting these competitions may be, sports events always impact people, the environment and nature as well. Thankfully, event organizers can take these effects into account during the planning, execution and wrap-up of such events, thereby minimizing these negative effects and making a significant contribution to the protection of nature and the environment. This is how sports event organizers can assume responsibility, increase sustainability and, in the process, enhance the event’s public image – which, after all, helps the organizers lower their own costs, too.

The following pages present environmentally relevant subject areas typical of sports events and suggest potential courses of action. Thanks to our database-driven filter function, website users can enter their own selection criteria and tailor the results to their own event. After following a few simple steps, the user will receive recommended courses of action in the form of PDF-printable checklists.

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